Sodick IoT - Software solution

Sodick logo EDM machine

Sodick-America, CA, USA
Hardware manufacturer


Reduced customer support time by over 50 times

Provided data analytics for up to 100,000 complex industrial machines

Achieved significant machine downtime reduction


Sodick is a global leader in the manufacturing of high-precision electrical discharge machines (EDM) and metal 3D printers.
For example, some iPhone bodies are carved out of metal by Sodick machines.

Problem 1, Сhallenge

Certain support cases for Sodick customers necessitated the presence of Sodick tech support team members on-site.
However, this type of support was time-consuming and expensive due to the need for specialists to travel, especially considering the growing number of machines and the global customer base.

How we solved the problem

To meet customer expectations, we devised a solution for remote diagnosis and resolution of support cases.
We introduced a secure cloud-based software solution that facilitates connectivity between the client's tech support team and customers' hardware, with the customer team overseeing the process. This innovative tool eliminates the need for on-site visits.

Elimination of on-site travel for the support team
Implementation of a secure cloud solution for connectivity and remote machine maintenance.
Introduction of customer queue and notifications management, along with an online collaboration mechanism between customers and the support team

Problem 2, Сhallenge

Sodick's customers operate tens of thousands of devices globally,
and machine downtime negatively impacts production lines.
Yet, there was no reporting or analytics tool to consolidate machine statistics even within a single customer.
Handling the massive volumes of machine-generated data while addressing varying data security concerns posed a challenge.

How we solved the problem

We developed a cloud-based solution that automates machine maintenance and provides analytics crucial for customers' businesses.
Security was a top priority, so the software was constructed with multi-layered security to safeguard data.
For customers hesitant about sending machine data to the cloud, we offer an on-premise software package.

Provision of an online tool offering data analytics across multiple locations
Implementation of automated alerts to reduce hardware downtime
Creation of new business opportunities for clients through global automation
Offer of a solution for customers not considering cloud-based solutions

Mark Picazo
Software Engineering Manager,
Sodick America

Boris and his team of highly professional developers again delivered as promised and on time.
They take the time to get things right; are highly knowledgeable of trends and standards in the market, and suggest ways to make our specifications conform to those trends.

We are a repeat customer and we highly recommend Boris and his team for your development needs!

World Education Brain - Software solution for online education

World Education logo

World Education, TX, USA
Online education

Automation Solution to Reduce 3/4 of Manual Work


World Education empowers students to embark on their careers by offering guidance on career paths, payment plan options, educational support, and providing universities with visibility into students' progress, thereby enhancing the education process.

Problem, Challenge

The customer was dissatisfied with the time and effort required to manage various software platforms integral to the educational process.
This challenge grew more significant as World Education expanded its business, welcoming new universities, students, and partners.
Consequently, World Education sought our assistance in automating numerous workflows, enabling their staff to work seamlessly within a single, preferred platform (CRM).

How we solved the problem

Our team conducted a thorough analysis of the existing workflow and devised an orchestration software package that automates essential tasks across multiple facets of the customer's business.
This solution empowers the customer to focus on their work using a platform they are comfortable with.

Implementation of software to facilitate business growth and streamline partner onboarding
Elimination of daily routine tasks

Kathryn Browne
VP Operations,
World Education

Boris and the Implemica team are a pleasure to work with.
They not only provide excellent results but always provide regular feedback, suggestions and options for improvements when working on our projects.
As a small company without internal IT resources, having a team that is always easily available and truly invested in the quality of their product is vital.
Boris goes the extra mile to understand how the projects will fit into our organization and then delivers solutions that meet everyone’s needs.

Challenger - Software solution for Entertainment

Challenger logo CS logo

Challenger Interactive, CA, USA


Enabled players to earn money by playing Counter-Strike and other online games


Challenger is an entertainment startup focused on creating opportunities for players to make money while playing online games.

Problem, Challenge

Counter-Strike stands as one of the foremost online games, with the potential for a massive number of simultaneous games, ranging from zero to unlimited.
The application infrastructure needed to meet specific criteria:
  • Support rapid and unlimited growth
  • Be cost-effective
  • Operate without the need for manual interventions for scaling or maintenance.

Downtime posed a significant risk, as it could impact a substantial user base, making it imperative to avoid any downtime at all costs.

How we solved the problem

To address the automation requirements, we developed a scalable and cost-effective event processing hub, capable of managing the flow of game events while also scaling down during periods of inactivity.
Utilizing managed cloud fault-tolerant services ensured minimal downtime and robust performance.

Thus, automation enabled a
  • scalable and
  • cost-effective
solution for the challenge

Chris Andres
Challenger Interactive
United States

Implemica is excellent.
Boris and his team are very collaborative, responsive and available.
Clear communication, quality delivery on time. We plan to continue to rely on their services.
I highly recommend them.

Aidwatch - The First Emergency Watch

Aidwatch watches Aidwatch logo

GrandFir GmbH


Increased affordability of caregiving

Reduced the need for medical staff in elderly care

Enhanced safety for lone workers


Aidwatch is the world's first emergency watch equipped with an automatic fall detector.

Problem, challenge

Elderly care demands medical personnel, especially in retirement homes and rural residential areas.

Some common issues include:
  • Emergency calls
  • Fall alarms
  • Pill reminder
  • ...many others

While not everyone can afford a caregiver, essential aspects of elderly safety can still be addressed.
GrandFir GmbH recognized this need and delivered a specialized watch designed for the Swiss market.

Over time, the Swiss Red Cross became one of our valued customers.

How we helped solve the problem

To achieve the automation and reliability required for Aidwatch, we developed several components, including:
  • Communication channels between the watch and Aidwatch services, featuring multiple fallback options
  • Highly available systems, ensuring maximum uptime
  • Communication channels connecting the Aidwatch system with third parties such as
    • emergency contacts,
    • emergency services,
    • and retirement home staff.
These reliable components played a pivotal role in why many organizations, including the Swiss Red Cross, chose Aidwatch.

Jack Loonen
GrandFir GmbH

Implemica fulfilled and exceeded all our expectations for our software development project.
Boris and his colleagues cover a wide range of know-how which they bring in at an early stage of development.
Customers can rely on their team and expect high-quality software delivered on time.

It was a pleasure to work with and will do so at the next opportunity.

Text To Audio - software solution for text-audio conversion


Text To Audio is a Telegram and Viber bot and API designed to convert English text into audio.

Problem, challenge

Numerous text-to-audio converters, such as those from Google, IBM, and others, exist, but they come with several issues.
  1. Firstly, most of these converters offer software development kits (SDKs) but lack client applications accessible to regular users.
  2. Secondly, users often struggle to locate and install a functional converter client app.
  3. Lastly, installing any additional software becomes unnecessary when one can simply type a message to a bot, which is a more straightforward approach.

Application infrastructure needs
  • A simple and user-friendly UI or a streamlined registration process
  • Availability of multiple voices for audio conversion
  • A straightforward admin tool for reviewing user-to-bot conversation for further bot improvement purposes
  • Cost-effectiveness

How we solved the problem

We developed a serverless application comprising two distinct components:

  • API, Viber and Telegram bot
  • An admin console website that enables authorized administrators to access logs of bot usage
In the development of Text to Audio, we used a lot of AWS services (particularly DynamoDB and Lambda, that make possible to make our application very cost-effective)

Tech details

In building Text to Audio, we extensively utilized serverless AWS services, particularly DynamoDB, Lambda, and S3 to ensure the cost-effectiveness of our application.
The Text To Audio bot is deployed on AWS Lambda, utilizing an S3 Bucket to store users' audio files and DynamoDB to log all user messages.
It is accessible on Telegram and Viber.
Alternatively, the bot can be employed on a regular server with PostgreSQL, without the need for re-compilation.

The admin console is a website designed for authorized administrators to review bot usage logs. The frontend of the admin console is stored on an S3 bucket, developed using VueJS, and employs Cognito for authentication. The site's backend is deployed on AWS Lambda.

Text To Audio component diagram

Text to audio chart


Viber/Telegram bot and API that costs less than $3/mo to own.

Try it to use: