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World Education, TX, USA
Online education

Automation solution to cut 3/4 of manual work


World Education helps students start their career by providing career paths, finding suitable payment plan options, supporting during educational process and providing universities visibily of the sudents' progress, making education process smoother.

Problem, challenge

Customer was not satisfied with the time spent to maintain all the software platforms involved in the educational process.
This becomes even more important when business is epanded, and the company onboards new universities, students, partners. So World Education team asked us to help with automating many workflows for them, allowing WE staff to work with a single platform (CRM) they are happy with.

How we solved the problem

Our team analyzed the existing workflow and delivered an orchestration software package that automates work that needs to be done in many aspects of the customer's business. Now the customer can concentrate on work with the platform they are comfortable with.

Software for business growth and partner onboarding automation
Daily routine elimination

Kathryn Browne
VP Operations,
World Education

Boris and the Implemica team are a pleasure to work with.
They not only provide excellent results but always provide regular feedback, suggestions and options for improvements when working on our projects.
As a small company without internal IT resources, having a team that is always easily available and truly invested in the quality of their product is vital.
Boris goes the extra mile to understand how the projects will fit into our organization and then delivers solutions that meet everyone’s needs.

Challenger - Software solution for Entertainment

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Challenger Interactive, CA, USA


Ability to earn money by playing Counter Strike and other games online


Challenger is an entertainment startup to bring money-making to players of online games.

Problem, challenge

Counter Strike is one of the leading games played online. The number of parallel games can be huge, so we can consider it can vary from zero to unlimited.
Application infrastructure needs to
  • support rapid unlimited growth
  • be cost-effective
  • not require manual interventions for scaling or maintenance

Any downtime can affect very big amount of users, so we need to avoid downtime at all costs.

How we solved the problem

To fulfill the automation needs, we built a scalable cost-effective event processing hub that can handle any game event flow on one hand,
and can shrink in periods of inactivity.
High usage of managed cloud fault-tolerant services prevent downtimes.

Chris Andres
Challenger Interactive
United States

Implemica is excellent.
Boris and his team are very collaborative, responsive and available.
Clear communication, quality delivery on time. We plan to continue to rely on their services.
I highly recommend them.

Text To Audio - software solution for text-audio conversion


Text To Audio is Telegram and Viber bot and API that converts text in English to audio.

Problem, challenge

There are a lot of text-audio converters (from Google, IBM, etc.) but using them has a lot of problems. First of all, most of them have SDK but don't have a client app, so a regular user can't use those converters.
Secondly, a user has to find and install a converter client app but find a working one is not a turkey shoot.
Last but not the least, the installation of any program will be a redundant step if you just can to type a message to a bot, that's much easier.

Application infrastructure needs to
  • have simple and clear UI or require a lengthy registration process
  • have a few different voices to the audio
  • have a simple instrument to read messages that users send to the bot
  • be cost-effective

How we solved the problem

We've built a serverless application with two separate parts:

  • API, Viber and Telegram bot
  • Admin console website when authorized administrators can read logs of using our bot
In the development of Text to Audio, we used a lot of AWS services (particularly DynamoDB and Lambda, that make possible to make our application very cost-effective)

Text To Audio bot deployed on AWS Lambda. The bot uses S3 Bucket to store users' audio files and DynamoDB to log allusers' messages. Available in Telegram and Viber. The bot can be used on regular sever with PostgreSQL instead of DynamoDB without re-compile.

Admin console is a website, where authorized administrators able to read logs of the bot. Frontend of the admin console stored on S3 bucket, written on VueJS and uses Cognito to authentication. Site backend deployed on AWS Lambda.

Text To Audio component diagram

Text to audio chart


Viber/Telegram bot and API that costs less than $3/mo to own.

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